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This section is where the user can input key information regarding the purpose of the project or activity. It focuses on key questions such as background, aims and delivery dates. This information can be entered using our simple text and date fields. 

Team Members

Along with the key information regarding the purpose of the project or activity, this is also where the Team Members are defined. Anyone added as a Team Member will have access to the project or activity. Team Members can be added to the project table via Actions > Add

Add Team Members


Finally, this section is where the health of the project or activity can be updated. By using the simple dropdown field, the user can select the most appropriate status and then provide any associated commentary. The overall percentage complete can also be tracked here. This information can be updated in real-time as the status and progress changes. 

Project Health


  • If the person you want to add to your project or activity does not appear in the list, it may be because they have not been added to the system or that they haven't been designated as a selectable user in their User Profile.  Please contact your local systems administrator for help.
  • Verto has an instant saving function, this means you won't spot many save buttons. Changes are immediately written back to the database. Click on the highlighted links to take a look at our Features area of the Knowledge Hub for more information on our Change History and Change Notifications function.