Issue Status | Adding Issues | Updating Issues

What are Issues?

An issue is a problem that has occurred in the delivery of a project or activity, and a result hinders it's delivery. 

Issue Status

This section is where the user can add and manage the issue log.

By using the dropdown field, the user can select the most appropriate overall status for the issues and provide any associated commentary. This information can be updated in real-time.

Adding Issues

Issues can be added to the project table via Actions > Add.


Issue information can be entered using the simple form containing dropdowns, text, date and user picker fields.

Issues FormAnyone added as an Owner will receive a Verto notification and can set-up their own reminders for completion. 

Updating Issues

Click on Edit against the individual issue to amend the information in the form.

The Updates area at the bottom of the form can also be used to record regular progress updates.  Click Actions > Add to record a new update.


  • Owners must be added to the Project Team, otherwise they will not have permission to access the project or activity. 
  • The layout of the project table can be changed to view the data in the Edit All view using Actions > Layout.
  • Click on the highlighted links to take a look at our Features section in the Knowledge Hub for more information on notifications, changing the project table layout and the other options visible in the menu.